Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Talking, Spaghetti and Teachers

It all started when the teacher in the computer room wouldn't let us in until he was finished for about five minutes, so all five of us were waiting outside just chatting about... well probably rubbish, when one of the lads said 'I bet our head teacher would take forever to make spaghetti.' We all laughed and questioned the lad. He kept saying he has seen the head teacher when all of a sudden the head of year nine comes out of his room and tells us to be quite or talk about our spaghetti problem some where else.
We were so embarrassed that he had  heard us talking about the spaghetti and the lad who had started it wandered  around the corner and came back BRIGHT RED!

TIP  make sure your not stood next to a teachers office when talking about random rubbish or just don't be as loud hehehe.