Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Talking, Spaghetti and Teachers

It all started when the teacher in the computer room wouldn't let us in until he was finished for about five minutes, so all five of us were waiting outside just chatting about... well probably rubbish, when one of the lads said 'I bet our head teacher would take forever to make spaghetti.' We all laughed and questioned the lad. He kept saying he has seen the head teacher when all of a sudden the head of year nine comes out of his room and tells us to be quite or talk about our spaghetti problem some where else.
We were so embarrassed that he had  heard us talking about the spaghetti and the lad who had started it wandered  around the corner and came back BRIGHT RED!

TIP  make sure your not stood next to a teachers office when talking about random rubbish or just don't be as loud hehehe.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


It all started in the canteen at lunch, I wasn't very hungry so didn't want the big roast that was being served today. So I went for a sandwich and a yoghurt. I didn't actually want the sandwich only the yogurt but at my school you have to have a meal before pudding, which includes yogurts so I put it in the bin. When I opened my yogurt, pop! It splatted all over me all my friends started laughing :(  Some people looked as I tried to wipe it of quickly. I was so embarrassed I forced my friends to come with me out of the canteen!
TIP open your yogurt away from yourself so if it splats ,it will 'accidently' go on your friend! hehehe

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The planner incident!

It all went down in year 4 at registration. My so called friend grabbed my planner  and wrote rude words on my planner! Obviously, I was very annoyed and frustrated because I could do nothing about it as my teacher was taking the register. I wanted to get her back and get her back GOOD! so what I did was write 'smelly pants!' on her pencil case. At the time I thought it was so funny, but later once I got my planner back I realised that she had wrote it with a whiteboard pen on the whiteboard part of my planner, so I could rub it off. Guilt hit me like a bull would hit a bull fighter. As I realised I wrote on her pencil case in the dreaded, dark black sharpey pen that could never be ERASED !!!!

 My friend fell out with me for about an hour, but she was a good friend after all, as she forgave me as she said 'don't worry I will get a new case and it was my fault for taking your planner in the first place so lets forget about it and be friends again'.  Of course I said yes and I think she really did forget it, as in year six I mentioned it and she didn't recall it at all. I guess I was lucky this time.

TIP Remember revenge is not always the best idea as it will almost certainly destroy a good friendship!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

2 words

I tripped... I think you can guess that I prayed that nobody saw and quickly exited the area.
TIP watch were you put your feet and tie your laces!

Mistaken Identity

This is one of my many 'cringy' moments. It all started in primary school in year 2 when at break on a rainy day, we were sent inside to watch a little film of Scooby-doo. A few of the year six's were sent into our classroom to supervise us while the teacher sat in the staff room scoffing their faces with biscuits, cake crisps and tea. The year six's sat with us even though most of us were doing our own little thing. I went up behind a girl I thought was my pal and said 'hey hey hey how ya doing mate' with my ridiculous slang  voice. The girl turned around and my jaw dropped. To my horror it was the face of a scary year six. I panicked  and fled away searching for my friend. As you can imagine, this wasn't the best way to handle it. I could have at least apologised and explained  the mistake. Or even better noticed, she had her hair down when my friend had her hair up.
Remember to notice what your friends hair is like and year sixes are not scary!