Sunday, 12 April 2015

The planner incident!

It all went down in year 4 at registration. My so called friend grabbed my planner  and wrote rude words on my planner! Obviously, I was very annoyed and frustrated because I could do nothing about it as my teacher was taking the register. I wanted to get her back and get her back GOOD! so what I did was write 'smelly pants!' on her pencil case. At the time I thought it was so funny, but later once I got my planner back I realised that she had wrote it with a whiteboard pen on the whiteboard part of my planner, so I could rub it off. Guilt hit me like a bull would hit a bull fighter. As I realised I wrote on her pencil case in the dreaded, dark black sharpey pen that could never be ERASED !!!!

 My friend fell out with me for about an hour, but she was a good friend after all, as she forgave me as she said 'don't worry I will get a new case and it was my fault for taking your planner in the first place so lets forget about it and be friends again'.  Of course I said yes and I think she really did forget it, as in year six I mentioned it and she didn't recall it at all. I guess I was lucky this time.

TIP Remember revenge is not always the best idea as it will almost certainly destroy a good friendship!

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